The Red Tree you seen.I've made a major change in my blog.I changed the blog named 'Hari Demi Hari' to "the Red Tree'.Why I used that name?Because the tree I think just like an author or observer.Observe what happen,write what happen to the people to the world.

Don't care what happen to it,although people's word scrathing our heart(maybe...).Although,the life look down upon(I hate people do that..).But the tree just growing and growing...look and observe.

Why I choosed red?Red is symbol of  honor,sincere,love,blood,war and also brave.My novel story maybe have those thing.(I hope!)

For your information,I'll use English as I'll take PMR and my English when trial are really-really bad(I'll used at Come With Words)and if someone have kind heart,can I ask you to correct my English sentence if I wrote something wrong : )


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